Round Table 150 Höxter-Holzminden is happy to welcome all of our friends from the 50s-Family to a weekend full of friendship.
Finally, after 3 years without a Global Numbers Meeting, we are looking forward to see old friends for the first time and meet fellows with shared memories.

Additionally we can celebrate 40 years as a part of the wonderful Round Table family!

To make this weekend unforgettable, we organized a great program for all of you:

Thursday, July the 13th:

After arriving at our central meeting point, you’ll receive your welcome package and meet with your host. There is a high probability that there will be a refreshing drink waiting for you after your Trip!
In the evening there will be three welcome parties, each located in one of our main cities for the weekend: Höxter, Holzminden and Beverungen.

Friday, July the 14th:

Höxter is hosting the State Garden Show from April to October 2023. In the morning we organized a visit for all of us. Afterwards there is a Pub waiting for all of us. To regain strength and prepare for the rest of the day, we will have some drinks and snacks. In the afternoon we will offer the opportunity to visit Princely Abbey of Corvey with the world heritage westwork Corvey. After breathing cultural and historical air, we have some time to head back home, take a shower and get ready to meet in the evening in Holzminden to celebrate our nations night. Fresh handmade burgers and delicious drinks are there to have a great evening with music, conversations and dancing.

Saturday, July the 15th:

In the morning it’s time to get (at least a bit) serious: Time for the Gentlemans Meeting!
While the families can spend fun hours in the nature in the climbing park, playing adventure-miniature-golf or visiting porcelain manufactory Fürstenberg, us Tablers meet up to discuss our work.
Afterwards we reunite with our families and prepare for our main event.
In the evening our gala-night will be held in Beverungen. Don’t forget to bring your black tie and your dress, we will all suit up and spend wonderful hours celebrating the 50s-family and 40 years of RT150. To this event we invited not only members of our 50s-family but also other members of our associations. Because not only us but also our Old Tablers have a reason to celebrate: OT150 stands at our side for 25 years.

Sunday, July the 16th:

Our farewell brunch will take place at the Tonenburg. Our fellow Ladies from Ladies Circle 64 Höxter-Holzminden organized the perfect closing for those who have a long trip back.

Of course, our tickets include every meal, every activity and all drinks throughout the weekend and all of our international guest don’t have to worry about an accommodation. Home hosting is understood.

We are looking forward to see you all in Höxter and Holzminden and build everlasting memories together!

You can choose from one of the following ticket-options:


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